After I got my ESP NV and using up all my options to get lower action, because the strings were way to high for what I am used to playing.

a month of thinking about it. I finally just did it myself. I was going to have a friend of mine do it he is a luthier that work's at Warmoth not far from where I live. After a few times talking to him trying to set up a time to meet. I finally just said I'm just going to do it myself.

It was very stressful cutting into this ESP NV especially when you can't see what your cutting, so it was a long process but I am happy with the results.

the thing I was really worried about was not being able to set the intonation.

When you lower the bridge you have to compensate that by making the strings shorter. So I had to pull the rollers out more and wasn't sure if the forks where long enough to do that.

For those that don't know much about Kahler's the strings sit on the rollers just before the end of the string.
recess Kahler 2315.jpg
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