Hello all! I'm currently in an indie acoustic band and have been talking about recording our first CD. We've already recorded a demo that had extremely crappy quality. They're on our Myspace page here:

The Raven

So we sorta want to stay away from that level of quality.. We're all extremely under-educated on how to record our music effectively and we don't have the money for a good amount studio time. Does anyone have any advice or tips? We have vocals, 2 guitars, and many different means of percussion. (We didn't have our drummer when recording the demo).
Ok, thats around £184 - £245.

On that budget i'd recommend an M-Audio Fast Track MKII and a Rode NT1-A (which is a great budget mic and comes with a pop shield, XLR cable, shock mount and 10 year warrenty).

All you'd need now is a stand and DAW. As for DAW i'd recommend Reaper, which is a good budget option. You can either use it on unlimited free trial or pay $40 for a licence (which isn't alot for what you get!)

As for mic'ing. A good setup is to have the mic pointing at the 12th fret of the guitar. Vocals are pretty straight-forward.

If you want to record electric i'd recommend either upping your budget and getting an SM57 to mic your amp (assuming you have a good one) or Amp Sims.
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