first off, this is my first time posting (or viewing) the tab talk area, so go easy on me if it seems like im a n00b. haha

ok i found this video on youtube of hugo martinez playing a song in NST tuning (its actually NST a half step up, with a low F# cause hes on a 7 string).
there is a part about 20 seconds long that just makes my ears want to reproduce.

if anyone could help me tab out (or tab it out for me) the section he plays from 0:21 - 0:44, i would very much apprieciate it.

if you can figure it out in standard tuning, thats fine. if you can figure it out in NST tuning, thats fine i just want to know the actual notes hes playing, and i can figure out how to transpose it into standard tuning.

even if you dont want to tab it out for me, i suggest atleast watching the video, its reeeeeally good. and im a music snob too, the main stuff i like is jazz, fusion, and prog rock/metal.


I am good at figuring stuff out by ear (im just too lazy right now to tab it out for myself), so if you help me with this i am absolutely willing to help tab out something for you.

thanks everyone =] if this goes well i will probably end up becoming a regular of this part of UG.
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