Hey guys! We're a relatively new band, and working on recording four more songs at the moment (we only have one up). We get placed in all types of genres, as each of our songs are fairly different, but we're a progressive type of metal, with screaming and clean vocals mixed. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, we are Prosper and we also hope that you listen, download, and enjoy. (:

Tempus Edux Rerum Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Check out my band, Prosper! Prog/Metal/Core from Columbus, Ohio.
Hahahaha, I literally lol'd when this came in really heavy. Not because it was funny, just because of how awesome it was. Reminds me of Daath, which is sick. I don't know much in the way of what I can give in constructive criticism... Except, get more recordings for me to listen to? lol. Definitely "liked" on FB.

If you've got the time, check out my band through the links in my signature. Our current recordings are dating back over a year now, but we're going into the studio again very soon!