Double hit last Friday. On the left below my new Squier CV 50s. A real gem of a guitar!

On the right my modded Epi Worn Wilshire '66 from my local tech (the VERY good Sander Bonten at guitarchopshop.com in The Hague): SD mini-humbucker in the bridge, 8.2k Lollar P90 in the neck, tusq nut, grover tuners. All new electrics / pots. The P90 is one of the best I have ever heard - total joy!

GAS has be extinguished - all my bases are covered.
Very Nice...hngd!
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Those lollar p90s sound fabulous imo. Nice ngd. Youre gas may be cured but this just stoked my itch for a tele.
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I love that Wilshire, also you've thrown a spanner in the works regarding the P90s I'm gonna throw in my Yamaha. Can you post a bit more in depth about the Lollar? Or better yet some clips?

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