|: D | D | Csus2 | Em | Em :||

If we're in D major, iis this the same as saying:

1, 1, b7 sus2, 2, 2

is that right?

And what would this be if we're in D Maj.? :

| C#ø | F#7+5 -/E | Gmaj7/B D/A | G F#7 |
Where does it resolve. Thats the key.
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i like to use roman numerals for chord analisis
so it would be assuming its all in D major (im ignoring some the symbols cause i kinda forgot them)
viio| III7*+5 -/E* | Vmaj7/B I/A | V III7

not so sure about the part with the asterisks around it i means sharp 5 something something

im tyring to help as much as i can here if im wrong feel free to correct me
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