So before I really start; being an American, yes I am late to the game on Spotify which has been in Europe for some time now.

A blog I read almost daily has been fellating Spotify real hard lately, since it's been here states-side to be exact. Now I've never used the service so I can't speak in terms of functionality or have any opinion of that side of things. As a matter of fact it sounds quite nice, pretty reliably functional and overall a good tool for expanding your musical horizons.

What I an currently pondering, following Century Media pulling all of it's bands off Spotify, is just how good of a thing Spotify is for the industry and if it's paying artists fairly.

First of all, let me state that I don't give a fuck-all for the major record labels who have pretty much boned themselves with the way they do business for years. The more the majors fall the bigger of the pie the independent labels and artists thrive. However, I've been researching the claim that Spotify doesn't pay it's artists fairly for the use of their music and to a certain extent I can't disagree, or at least I can't disagree with the information I've read.

I'll try to make this OP as short as possible, so I'll just say that with what I currently know I'm unsure how I really feel about Spotify business-wise. I mean, sure, for the musician there is plenty of pros to the service including promotion and exposure. That part of the service I can say is absolutely awesome. Where I find there could be a problem though is how it shares it's revenues with the artists themselves. For me to make a decision, I guess I'd need to see the figures on how much money Spotify makes and how much of it is given back to the artists. The way I see it while the artists are being given promotion and exposure, if Spotify is raking in a fuckton and keeping it for themselves, then are they not just getting rich by using the artists work for their own profits and not paying the artists who are providing them the material on which they make money off of.

And before someone goes off on a rant I'll admit I only have a brief bit of knowledge on the Spotify business model, so if I'm wrong about something then I apologize. I'm not taking one side or another in this debate, I'm here to get your opinions about the way Spotify does business and also to learn facts that you may know about it.

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well look, everyone's on roughly the same page when the chips fall now. the only way artists make real money when they work for big labels, is through performances, and as far as i'm concerned, if I could play venues all over the country, have my songs circulating on the radio and tv, etc, i'd give my damn album away for free.

not that that makes any sense financially, with the cost of making all those albums. but you see what im saying. it's all good and well to say oh lord the artists arent getting paid sufficiently from this, or from that, but they're still in a position to make however much money they want from live performances, and that's a valuable thing. spotify aint that great, i never understood what purpose it had, i listened to like three songs on it one day just to say i've used it.

digital music just isnt worth the price of a CD anymore. it used to be, when it was special. now it's just a luxury, artists are aware of that. if albums brought something to the game that no digital copy could do, then spotify or whatever wouldn't be able to interefere with that anyway. but that's just it... they dont. it's the same tracks at the same quality, even less considering you find flac and apple lossless songs on the net now.

ultimately... spotify dont change a thing
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I live in England, so I've been with Spotify for a while now. As a service, it's not that great any more. When I got it, i could listen to all the music (except premium releases), as much as I liked, all for free. Although it had an advert every 5 songs or so.

Now, though, i get 10 hours of music a month (!!!) and can only listen to any one song three times. since that came into play, i decided to switch to listening to my own stuff on itunes rather than pay £10 a month for Premium, or £5 a month for unlimited (about $16 and 8$ respectively).

I did that because I realised that, actually, over time, I had bought nearly everything on my Spotify playlist anyway. so from that respect, Spotify will have lost a lot of its European customers. But, at the same time, has given a boost to artist's wages through me buying their music.

I don't think that artists get enough money from it, though. Maybe in protest, we should get some little-known band and get people to just play them on repeat...
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Radio pays the songwriters royalties for promoting their music free of charge, which is who IMO deserves those royalties. I'm firmly against the proposed Performance Tax, as artists who don't write their own music are just like an actor in a movie. They get paid upfront for their performance. It's their own fault they don't get a better deal with their label on royalties.
The problem with radio is much of it is corporatized and only plays top 40 garbage in it's selected genre. I totally support those stations who step out of the box and play what they want, even those who mix it in with what's charting as the Active Rock station I work for does.

I agree with voodoo. If Spotify gives an artist the opportunity to tour more and sell more merch then that's a huge plus. It makes the artist more money in the long run, as that's where they make the most of their money.

The labels need to change the way they do business really. They need to get with the picture and take care of management and booking as well as the promotion they already do. Their business model has been long outdated.
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I have a difficult time sympathizing with any band, corporation, or individual that feels shafted by things like Spotify.
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Its definitely the way forward. Then again, physical media is still going to be around for a long time. Everyone loves owning their favourite albums.

Then again, It's the new kid on the block and it will take a long time before their business model is tweaked and money is sufficiently made. Like anything really...
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Funny how people hate when record labels cut into the band's profits, but they don't ever rage at Spotify.
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Spotify has been getting on my nerves as of late. I use it on my itouch in work and every other day I'm going through my playlist and find another band or album has been removed. I will probably cancel my sub soon and just buy the albums. It will probably cost the same in the long run anyway.
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Spotify has been getting on my nerves as of late. I use it on my itouch in work and every other day I'm going through my playlist and find another band or album has been removed. I will probably cancel my sub soon and just buy the albums. It will probably cost the same in the long run anyway.

This, exactly this. Spotify are loosing lots of artists and it's down to their move to the US. Soon it won't be viable for me to continue my subscription and evidently quite a few people feel that way.
Personally, I've never used spotify, and I've never found the need to; I've got an iTunes library filled with music to listen to.

For the same price as for a Premium account, I'd be able to purchase an album a month, and when you purchase physical copies, you tend to appreciate it more, because you paid for it.
That graph is interesting, if a bit depressing, I suppose. I've started using Spotify recently, mostly to listen to stuff I miss, or missed.
I will never use Spotify, or any of the other online services.

I like buying something physical that I can actually touch, not just a random download which I'll lose if my PC gets a virus.

I like having my CD collection proudly displayed and searching through it to find what I'm looking for, only to notice something else I haven't heard for a while and decide to play that instead.

I like listening to an album from start to finish in the order the artist intended it to be heard.

MP3 players, downloads and online services are killing everything I enjoy about purchasing music.
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My opinion? Just buy the albums. It feels good to own the CD.
Spotify is a nice tool to check out new artists, because you can just type in their name in that searchbar. In my opinion, it is far better than finding songs on Youtube.
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