Hey. My first post. Going away for a weekend with mates. late 20's - 30's. bringing a guitar,im pretty average. Any ideas for some easy intermediate songs i can play that everyone will sing along with?

so far got Wonderwall, better be home soon(im in NZ) and sunny afternoon

people still play songs around campfires? i must be so out of touch

well there's a host of em isnt there... try something by Travis, they're perfect for that sort of thing. "why does it always rain on me", for example.

also, stereophonics, "maybe tomorrow"

and going further on from intermediate to difficult, if you could, it's always a good time to play under the bridge, but around a fire... it's even better
There she goes by the la's? Thats easy and popular. Rivers of babylon by sublime (cover of boney M) thats very easy. Free bird by lynyrd skynrd (sp) is very easy if your just playing chords! All the songs mentioned are tabbed on the site. Hope this helps and just have fun really!
Try some Beatles songs. A Hard Days Night, Two of Us, Across the Universe. Maybe Blackbird. The original All Along the Watchtower. Other than that, a slew of GOOD country songs should do the trick. Maybe Blake Shelton or Dierks Bentley. Love those guys.