So it's known of course that different finishes are put on guitars now than were in prior decades (60s, 70s, etc.). I know these finishes will age differently. Like
I heard someone say on here, "you can take your 2010 Fender and play it in smoke-filled roadhouses for 20 years and it won't look like an old one from earlier years." My question is, how will the finishes on our modern guitars age? How will my 2010 Fender look in 20 years?
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Difficult to say. Polyurethane finishes are very tough. A lot of guitars are now made with nitro finishes so that they will age more quickly. If you've got a poly finish on your guitar, it will withstand a great deal of abuse. But it will crack, chip and flake like that of any guitar over time unless you are careful about how you handle your guitar.
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Poly wears very, very differently. It doesn't wear through in spots like nitro. It tends to flake and come off in chunks when hit very hard. Otherwise it tends to stay fairly minty. I've got a near 10 year old poly Strat that has considerably less wear than my '08 custom shop Strat with nitro. Looks almost new besides the cream'd plastic and a couple spots where I dropped it and paint came off in chips. Personally I prefer poly as long as it's thin. Much more durable.
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