Got a new song idea me and my friend have been working on for a couple of days! Logic's coming in the mail soon so I'm going to finish it up completely and work out all the bugs when I get that. The guitar was my RGA8 with BKP Aftermaths tuned to E B E B E F# B e. Lemme know what you think!

That. Is. Some. Epic. Shit.
Rhythm tone was kinda fizzy, lead tone was perfect.
Lovely leadwork over br00tz riffing.
Vocals? Or is this an isntrumental?
Also, the guitars need to be a little further in front in the mix.
I was expecting sloppy shit. I like what I heard. Keep it up!!! The Rhythm tone is a bit fizzy, but I'm shocked you even got a decent tone out of that low E.
Thanks a lot man! Yea, the rhythm tone does need work. I'm still getting used to making patches for such a beast of a guitar . It's just instrumental, we don't really know anyone that does good vocals around here. The next version should have some nice layers to help take the place of vocals so it doesn't sound so bare.
Quote by GS LEAD 5
What amp model did you use?
Try bi amping with a Recto and an Engl. Cut from 8000 Hz and up on the Recto, leave the Engl as it is. Maybe boost basas a little on that. Fiddle with the advanced amp options.

Alright, I'll try that out! I was using the Das metal and this patch is pretty much the same patch I used for my Starcraft song thats on my soundcloud. That guitar is a 6 string rg with bkp painkillers though. We'll see if I can get a good patch going for this guitar.