I'm a guitarist/songwriter based in Trowbridge looking for people to write with, jam with, form a band with, etc so long as you're reasonably local - I don't mind a bit of travelling, but I wouldn't want a 2 hour drive just for a practice session!

I'm open to most suggestions. If a band formed, I'd probably expect to be either rhythm guitar or bassist.

I have plenty of kit, including pretty much everything needed to make quality sounding recordings of anything we come up with. I currently have about 3 or 4 songs in various states of composition, two of them are pretty much complete and only need lyrics.

To hear some of the songs I've written in the past, check out my profile page (link below).

Most of my work in progress has a basic rock type sound, mostly influenced by The Cult, AC/DC & GNR, but I've worked in different styles in the past depending on my mood & the singer I was working with at the time.
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