how do they usually cost? the specs i want are a mahogany jr v body with some kind of maple top and maple with ebony neckthrough. original floyd rose. bareknuckle pickups. and a custom inlay that says nocturnal.
i might be being too specific here but i figure i may as well give full build specs to answer any questions. i just want like a rough ball park estimate because their site doesn't have any price listings. also anyone know how much something with similar specs would cost from another custom shop, like esp?
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On ESP's website there is an online custom shop price calculator, have a look at that

I made a guitar on there, it came to £3000+
well, ESP's custom shop page adds $1000 to every/any selection you make, basically.

oh, you say you want a "body" on it? $3500!
you want a neck on it too? add another $1500!
you want it routed for just ONE humbucker? $500!

yeah, it's a little ridiculous.
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I mainly know how it works with Jackson/Charvel, but I assume most companies are the same.

If that's the case you'll have to go through a dealer. The dealer sends the spec sheet off to the builder to get a quote, and then they'll discount that. The quote they get is effectively like the MSRP on a standard model - nobody actually charges that much.

But it's a custom so it'll still be damn expensive!
Usually if you have a small indie luthier do it, it comes out a lot cheaper and a lot nicer
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isn't schecter's custom shop more expensive than the bc rich one?

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I can't give you an estimate, though I do know that you'll most likely have to pay through the nose for it. You would probably be better off going to a luthier near where you live and getting it done. You'll more than likely get a better guitar cheaper, it just won't have a name on the headstock.
for a custom I'd say a minimum of $3000

EDIT: which is about $2999 more than I'd pay for a BCR custom.
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Hey now man, BC Rich make great guitars, their low end ones suck yes, But NJ Series and up are DAMN nice guitars. A custom shop BCR would be unreal. But since BC Rich is a large company I see their Customs going for like 5 grand.

Better off going with Ran Custom Guitars, ANY spec you want and anything extra all for around 3-4 grand.
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