Hi all,

Can't find this answered anywhere by searching, so hoping that someone might be able to help.m

I've set up a group on UG, but want to hand the running of it to another member. Can I change the "owner"? There's no option for me to leave the group that I can see, or to edit my owner status - just to promote other users to Mod.

I don't actually know. But have you tried promoting some one to a mod and seeing if that changes options?
Might have to be a Mod before you can be promoted to owner.
Not sure though
I've promoted other members to mod, but only options are to "demod" or delete them. They all have a "leave group" option, but as the owner I don't seem to.
Is there anywhere I can find a user guide, in the absence on anyone who runs the place answering questions here?
Message an admin (Carmel or wahappen), I tried it before with a group I owned and couldn't find any option. It might need an admin to change it.