This is a slightly different take on the "do i get a guitar with a floyd or not?" thread..

Since it's my 18th soon, I've asked for money to start my metal tele build.
I'm getting the body and neck from Warmoth, and the electronics and the like from somewhere in the UK, probably axetec.

Anyways, I already have a guitar with a floyd rose and I think they're brilliant.

I'm starting to think more and more if I actually need another guitar with a floyd, seeing as I already have one and it has very little sustain (altho the metal tele will be chambered with an f-hole, so that might not be an issue here).

So GB&A..

Express your opinion on if I need a second guitar with a floyd rose.


Making a metal tele. Already have a guitar with a floyd. Should I have a floyd on the tele?
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Do you want to have a floyd in a different tuning? If so put one on the tele as changing tunings with a floyd isn't easy.
you could try other floating trems like the kahler trems (dont chew my head off over the spelling i just pulled an all nighter for tech assignment) their similar to floyds and yet different.
Personally i would say nooo, but mainly because I like to screw around with the tunings and a floyd really doesn't help when coming to that.
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I'm gonna go with no, you shouldn't use a Floyd. I love them, but I also love a good hardtail. And you can get a hipshot bridge or something like it with the same low profile that will feel just great(I hate tune-o-matics).

I'm gearing up to do my own metal tele build. I bought a tele style bridge that fits a humbucker for it.
Put a Kahler on it
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a floyd would look horrible on a tele. plus it's always cool to have a guitar for alternate tunings and stuff
do it, its fun
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a floyd would look horrible on a tele. plus it's always cool to have a guitar for alternate tunings and stuff

A tele bridge would look horrible on a tele, actually a tele would just look horrible with out a Floyd. I have never seen a good looking tele unless it had a Floyd. I say put the Floyd on if you want a guitar with a floyd in another tuning otherwise go for a hard tail because that way if you brake a string you wont go out of tune. Even if it doesn’t look as good. Playability is more important then looks. But please don't put a normal tele bridge on, there horrible to play.