was wondering if there were any sites I could get schematics for pedals/amps. I have a friend who can get wholesale prices on electronics components and feel like I could probably build a pedal board cheaper than buying it. he wants to try out building some amps too.

Hes interested in trying to build amps (I might be too in the future), and has electronics training accurate to the tube period from earlier in his life, and Id like to build some pedals. my friend (a pedal steel player) is also intrigued by the idea of a stereo tube PA, but I doubt theres readily available schematics for that. I kind of just want to do a fuzz and some other basic standbys, nothing too complicated. probably an OD, maybe modulation stuff if its not too difficult.

Im feeling like I might be able to do it for cheaper than the BYO kits out there this way,
any ideas where I could find the schematics Id need?

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check out BYOC(build your own clone) they have schematics for some things, i believe. they're tailored towards the kits you can buy from them, but it might give you an idea of how it works, or what you would need to build a sufficient pedal.
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check out the tech and project pages

they also sell kits
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