Hey guys,

I've recently started learning the solo to 'My Apocalypse' by Escape the fate. It's fun to play, and I can play the tapping section up until the part where it gets really fast.
The Tap/Hammer-on goes like this:


I'm totally fine with the right hand part, but I am struggling with the left hand part. When it gets up to that speed, my fingers naturally play 5h8p7 rather than 5h7h8

Has anyone got any tips on how I can work on doing things like 5h7h8?

1. Take guitar and go anywhere comfortable, you can even multitask while doing this excercise

2. Your right hand needs no involvement at all

3. Take left hand, and just hammer-on 5h7h8....doing it on one string first, keep hmmering on that pattern, dont worry if its sloppy....the idea here is to build finger strength....

4. keep hammering on from one string to another; eg :5h7h8 on 6th string then 5h7h8 on 5th string....alternating the TWO strings....

5. repeat adding more strings over time....it would be good to focus on 3 strings at a time. ie : practice one set with 6th,5th and 4th string...and a 2nd set with the 3rd,2nd and 1st string....

6. For each practice session, perform these hammer-ons till failure, till you feel your arm is just gonna fall off....then rest for the day....

7. I dare you to do this for a month, and then come back and play that pattern.....
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That is so weird..
Usually people can only do 5h7h8 and not the 5h8p7...the latter is much harder
Anyway..do legato-patterns in ascending order and you'll get the hang of it quickly I'm sure. Make sure you only play as fast as you can play *accurately*. Slowly build up speed.

Don't just do a 5h7h8 pattern...that's fairly useless. Try to keep it interesting by moving the shape around on different frets and strings, and make sure you do it with your 1,2,3 fingers as well as 1,3,4.
Make sure to throw in some other patterns as well..like 5h7h9 or wider stretches...can't hurt eh?
Try to focus on staying within the same key as well..it's good practice.
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It's mostly muscle memory. Just slow it down until you can play it pefectly, then speed up until you can keep pace with the song. And that's a great song btw.