So my friend is looking for a first guitar and I said I was happy to give him my Squier SE Special Strat (Yes, the most budget guitar made by the most budget brand out there) but now I was wondering if he could improve the dirty/distorted tones cheaply. The clean tones are fine and I put a JB Jr. in the bridge which helped ALOT but it's a bit too harsh/trebly. I know very little about guitars but someone suggested changing to 500K pots. How much would this be and would it be easy to do? Also, any suggestions on single coil pickups for clean tones?
Because it's so cheap I really wouldn't bother even changing anything on it lol. I dont even know if changing pots would help... even then it's not that easy to do if your not entirely sure of what your doing.
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BTW changing to 500k pots wont make a pickup less trebly it will make it worse.

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its pretty simple to change many things on a guitar, ive turned 30 buck guitars into something moderately playable before, i suggest using gfs for everything. new pickups bridge pots tuners and set everything up i.e. fret dressing.
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gfs prewired pickguard. BAM!
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