Good Afternoon guys, im looking for tips on how to get the tone George Benson has, specifically the tone from his live version of breezing (on you tube hes playing with quite a large orchestra type band) its a fairly recent vid.

bearing in mind i dont have thousands put away to be buying vintage amps and guitars i know he may have favoured flatwound strings and the montgomery style octave playing,
but what about tone settings, volume and pickups that sort of thing i have an
Epiphone dot so i think i should be able to get reasonably near, any help guys would be much appreciated as always.

Benson's tone has mostly to do with the way he picks. If you look closely while he plays, you'll notice that he back-angles the pick. He does so because when you hold a pick more perpendicular to the string plane, there is less room for the pick to get caught on. It's kinda difficult for me to explain, but Tuck Andress did a study on picking in general and he covers Benson's approach.


I hope this helps.