thanks mate! my arm did get a fair bit sore on some parts so I switch to alternate picking for a bar or two to give it a rest haha. This just means I don't play guitar as often as I used to! Or as often as I should haha. Thanks again for the comment

I'll have a look at yours once my computer stops being stupid.
yeah I agree, I need to practice it a bit more so my arm doesn't hurt so much haha! thanks mate
Yeah I had to change the quality because it was a 3GB file and was taking forever to upload to youtube. Thanks mate
I just searched for trivium on the line 6 website where you download the tones haha. The drums I imported from the guitar pro file that I used. If you want the tone I can email you the file or send you a link.

Thank you for the kind words
that was great man! really enjoyed it. Tone could be better IMO ( I'm not saying it's bad. Just not my thing). Awesome playing, really smooth!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22jE_cifgpU
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Bringing back some old memories! I haven't really listened to much Trivium lately (loved Ascendency). You really nailed it here, playing is almost dead on perfect. The only thing I can suggest is maybe work on the tone a little bit. Its not terrible but it sounds a little weak, might just be a problem where your guitar tracks mixed a tiny bit higher could give it some more depth.

You asked me about my tone in my Time cover, It's just a slightly modified patch on GR4 (80's Solo) with a little extra pre-amp gain on my Saffire 6, delay volume level up a tiny bit more and some treble boost. I subbed to you on youtube, looking forward to more! Keep it up
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Thanks mate.

Next time I will double track the guitar I think, that will make it sound less weak yeah??