I'm looking into learning the drums, but I honestly don't know the first thing about buying a kit. I just finished reading the "Starting out" Sticky, and it was a lot of help. But I'd rather just buy one new from GC or MF than picking out parts from here and there.

Electric would be nice so I can play round the clock, but the only decent ones are $1000. So acoustic it is.

I have around $600 I'd like to put towards a set. Maybe a bit more if it's REALLY worth it. Here are the kits I was looking at.

Pear Sound Check 5pc - $599.99

Tama Imperialstar 5pc - $699.99

Pearl Export 5pc - $699.99

(GC has a $100.00 Off Promo today)

Thanks guys! Looking forward to hearing your opinions.
IMO go with the Imperialstar or the Export. I'd probably pick the Imperialstar out of the two since I like the cymbals that they have (Meinl), and I know most of the hardware is at least decent. What should be noted is that I'm pretty sure the Export doesn't actually have any cymbals, just stands, so you'd be paying more for those, also.

I've played on a Soundcheck a lot at a friend's house and it was pretty yucky in all respects though to be fair it wasn't tuned nor did anybody ever put new heads on it...
Of those you listed, Pearl Export, definitely. Pearl Sound Checks are crap (they are a "starter set" in every sense of the word) and the Tama Imperialstar is basically the same as the Export, but Tama's version. I have a Pearl Export Select which was my second kit, had it for about 5 years and I still love it. Pearl did a damn good job with this set, with new heads the Exports can definitely compete with higher-end kits. Hardware's top quality too. I am surprised that the site still lists them for sale...? Exports have been discontinued for a few years now in favor of the Vision series (which is the same, but with Birch shells, which were used in Exports in the 90's, so basically the same thing). So I'd absolutely recommend the Pearl Export (or Vision series, same price as Exports).