hi guys. I want to get a new guitar, but not sure about my choice. at the moment I own a dean baby z, its not a terrible guitar but has some serious intonation problems and so the times come to replace it.

most of the time I play thrash metal and my budget is up to £500. the only think im sure of is that I want a fixed bridge. oh and would probably prefer passive pups.

I was thinking about a jackson kelly js32t, would it be much of an upgrade? I love the kelly shape but the better models are out of my price range. im open to suggestions!

also is ordering online from places like dolphin music or thomann.de a good idea? would the guitar be in good shape and set up nicely or would I have to fix it up?

thanks in advance
I think you'd be better of saving up some more and buying a higher range guitar. The js32t isn't much of an upgrade to be worth the investment.

If you like the kelly body type, I recommend you take a look at the ESP LTD EX series, they look simmilar.

As for ordering online, I don't know much about dolphin music, but thonmann.de has a very good reputation.
no the js series is jacksons beginner entry level series it wouldnt be muhc of an upgrade, although Ive heard they are good for modding so you could buy one and then buy new pickups for it

Ordering online is fine, thomann especially is dirt cheap compared to other sites and shops and they ship very quickly aswell

Have a look at ltd and ibanez guitars, there are also several new bc rich models with duncan designed pickups which are supposed to be good for the price
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Hi mate,

I would recommend Thomann over dolphin, because thomann has the advantage of being able to send the guitar back if you don't like it.
What I do is try the guitar out in a shop, then order it if I like it (and because you can send it back to thomann, if it dosn't sound good you can get another one!)
What about these :
thanks for the replies. sorry cal but I want a fixed bridge, not a trem! also dolphin music say that they have a 14 day return policy? I think bc riches are butt ugly so that ones crossed off the list :p should I look at esp, ibanez, jackson, dean? which brands should I avoid? I spent most of my tine playing and rarely research this stuff so dont really know much apart from what my favourite guitarists are playing :/
You could take a look at the higher range of ESP LTD's and since you like the Jackson kelly shape maybe an Ibanez Destroyer is worth checking out. Although they are quite expensive.

I would avoid Dean to be honest, their guitars only start being worth their price in the high end range.
Idk man, I got a Dean Avalanche a year ago and I've yet to have a single problem with it. Deans aren't bad at all. True, ESP/Ibanez/Jackson are better, but Dean makes solid guitars.
not sure I like the esp ltd ex. its basically an explorer with pointy contour - what I like about kellys are the smooth curves!
anyway, not sure if id go used or not. if it would save me a lot of money, then probably.

how about epiphones? are they any good?