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It's alright, not really my style though. The riff the second distortion guitar does in bars 18-32 and near the end give it a sinister sort of feel.
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Yeah I don't usually add too much dissonance in my music so this was a try at something different like that. Considering that's the sound I was going for, Thanks!

I'll C4C if you guys want. Just curious on what some people on the board think of this.
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The entire beginning is great. Love everything and the evil-tinged atmosphere... UNTIL 33. Lack of transition isn't working for me. Fortunately you stumble back into the intro breakdown well.

57 is ****ing sick.

As cheesy as 65 was.. I admittedly got a good chuckle out of it and didn't dislike it by any means. I'll leave it at that.

I like this. It's obviously more experimental and not exactly a 100% serious attempt at making an amazing song, so I appreciate what's shown. Awesome shit mang bro dude.
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