Maximum Price limit is 1000$ & it's supposed to be a gift for a person who is not in a mental state to jam with a drummer.He plays electric guitar quite well & also gigs,sometimes.In-built drums are the essential feature expected from the multi-effects unit,besides other obvious features like decent effect quality.I'm no pro with multi effects so asking u guys.Please help.Suggest popular brands only.
Most FX with built in drums are on the lower end. The RP355 and Zoom G3 are a couple of options.
My usual multi-fx recommendation doesn't have drums so I won't mention it here, but the two suggested by fly135 always come up in the recommended FX threads, so they must be pretty good.
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Digitech makes good ones. I'm not big on multifx units so I can't be of much more help, but at least I can point you in the right direction
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DigiTech usually does a good job in this arena. I have a GNX3000 multi-effects that does a decent job with guitar tones and has a drum machine built-in. They don't make them anymore, so I would suggest:

the RP1000: http://digitech.com/en-US/products/rp1000

or the RP500: http://digitech.com/en-US/products/rp500
+1 to the the rp355. It's a great pedal.
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Can he use a computer?
If he can, get Reaper and a drum sampler like Drumkit from hell with EZ Drumemr or something- use guitar pro to make MIDI Drum patterns, or just make drum patterns out of tabs. That should leave about 900 dollars.
As for pedal, get any one of the following with a 400 dollar keyboard amp like a Peavey KB4 or a Roland KC150. Leaving 600. For that I suggest-
Digitech RP1000/GSP 1101 with Kontrol 2.

This setup would sound much better than comparatively low end units like the G3.

This clip was made using Drumkit from Hell, Steinberg VB-1 and my RP500-


Out of these, I would say go for the GSP 1101 - they are rack units so you can keep them on a table or near his bed and he can tweak without having to bend over all the time. SHould be of some use, since he's not exactly in the pink of health.

Also, what genres does he play? And is it going to be for amp modelling or a pure effects unit?
Whats his condition? Telling us would help make a better suggestion.
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I don't exactly know the name of the syndrome the guy is suffering from,but it's symptoms are anxiety & depression.He's in my blood-relation.He needs a multi effects unit with an expression pedal so zoom g3 is out of question.digitech rp355 is the only decent model with built-in drum machine.rp500 & models on higher end don't feature it.He can't use a computer so using a software with it is also out of question.He plays heavy metal.As long as effects are good,it will do.He has a vox ac15 custom amp and some low-end line6 multi effects unit that he sometimes uses with it for amp simulation & effects both.So far digitech rp355 is the only option.