Helleu ;3

first note: playing on an acoustic guitar
second note: Lots of horrible grammar, a whole lot of text. sorry for that.

Im a beginning guitar player, been playing chords sinds i started.
But im not really a ryrthm person, and dont even start about my singing.
And i think that cords sounds kind of pale without voice and perfect rythem.

So where am i getting at. When you play songs with chords, and you see a G,
You know what you have to do, you play the G.

But when you play TABS, its a whole different story, each vinger gets an induvidual place. this gets me mad confused.
For example, this is from paramore- decode,

|---11--11--11--11--11--11--11---11--| (x2)

What vinger do i place here on the 9?
and okay, its not inpossible, so when i get this together. i have to change to:


So okay, i guess i can put my pinky on 13, no problemo.


Would it not be awesome if they could just tell you where to put your vingers?

Maybe, these tabs are to hard for a newbie.
But all the tabs i found are like these.

So awnser me this.
- Are these tabs to hard for a newbie? ( if so, suggest ones that are made for newbies, And no traditional songs )
- Is their a place where they can teach you stuff like vinger placement? ( almost all ''lesson'' sites just teach you chords )

Thanks for helping!
Finger placement as a general principle is preferential rather than strict: put your fingers where it feels most comfortable to to do

But try to use your pinky as much as you can while it still feels comfortable, as it will give you more dexterity.
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All tabs are like that, thats just how they are, diferent people play things different ways with different fingers just experiment to find what way works for you.

Btw they are spelt fingers
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Okay, see i should use my pinky as much as possible!
And find my own way in playing.

Hahah sorry! Finger > vinger, i used a dutch word ; p
It is dissapointing that you would find all traditional songs simple.

But on to the matter at hand.

If youre a beginner guitarist then dont excpect to be able to play stuff on your first try, it takes a couple of tries to get it right, just practice a little in a comfortable tempo, as slow as is neccesary, preferably with a metronome so you dont lose track of the tempo since you said you arent really a rhythm guy, and after a while it will all get easier.

Trust me, just practice.
You can watch some tutorials on youtube and see where people put their fingers and see if that is comfortable for you...

btw think about barring your index finger on some of those mentioned. Especially on the 11/13 fret diagrams you showed, it will take care of the 11's then you can use a combination of ring/middle/pinky to get the 13's. at least that is how i would read that....
Haha thats why i came here, to ask if im doing it the right or wrong way.
But besides using my pinky as much a possible, i guess i was on track
And indeed, practice does work! becouse i found my chords sounding pritty solid
( as much as a 2 month player can that is )

thanks for the advice. ;3
keeping rhythm is hard even for experienced players on tabs without the actual music notation above it displaying the values (whole note, quarter note, ect) of the notes.

without the note values its just a bunch of numbers. one way to get around it is to memorize the song by ear. I would suggest to not use written tabs on the site and start using a program like guitar pro that breaks the notes into measures.
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I'd play the first pattern:

Index on the 9th Fret High E String
Middle on the 10th Fret G String
Ring on the 11th Fret D String
Pinky on the 11th Fret B String

Then for the second I would barre the DGBE strings at the 11th fret and use my middle + pinky on the 13th Fret notes.

Same with the third - only drop the pinky off the high E string.

I'd like to echo what other people have said though - whatever is most comfortable for you. Then once you have learnt the pattern / phrasing you can develop a more economical solution.
Make sure you learn your chords, a lot of what you see in tabs is going to fit nicely into a chord fingering.
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Make sure you learn your chords, a lot of what you see in tabs is going to fit nicely into a chord fingering.

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