I write metal songs, but occasionally will throw up an alternative, more relaxed song. Mostly metal though. Check the songs out! The newest one is "The Alpha," I released it last week. I'd be more than happy to check out your music just send me a link!


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Just because you're breathing doesn't mean you're alive. Just because you're human doesn't mean you have to die.

the gear:
gibson sg
marshall mg100fx head/4x12 slant cab
im a minimalist.
Nice intro! I love the "underwater guitar" effect.

That main riff is really tripping me up! Obviously you've got a superior sense of timing to pull that off. It sounds really good.

The general sound of this track reminds me of a heavier Linkin Park. It's brutal, but melodic. I like how despite everything, this is a very chill sounding song.

My only problem with this is that there are no vocals! It's begging for some Chester Bennington style screams.

Great song!