Hello guitarists,masters n teachers.Im new here and i would like to share my guitar learning steps as beginner,and for sure i would like to know if im going good way by those steps or no.I have electric fender sratocaster f about few months and im trying to get music theory for a while but i dont know if its good for beginner such as 'Pentatonic scales' im workin on those now so im goin step by step on 'Rock Guitar secrets' pdf format book,and yeah ummm...before i got that book i have been learning few songs with chords or tabs in Guitar Pro but i realised that i need theory(after i got my first chord i fellt that i need something more instead of playing songs with chords ONLY.)So to sum all i would like to ask that im going good way with that pdf book and my opininion about learning?
Feel free to talk here about that,express your opinion about way of that learning (As beginner) like me .Sorry for my bad english gramatic and by the way i don't know how many pentatonic scales are on riff yet,but first 5 patterns were not hard as i thought .Thanks
Welcome =]

To work on pentatonic scales as a beginner isn't bad, some people even like to start with that "group" of scales. I just would recommend you to take a look at the major scale (there are great lessons on this site) because that's the most important scale of all.

Lucky for you, there are only 5 patterns to the pentatonic scale
Weeee,great ,ok i will watch on my eyes on those major scales after i will feel that pentatonic scales are stuck in my minds Thanks!