Hey you guys. This song is the first I write in this genre... I was writing it following the instrumental of a Drake song, Marvin's Room, so it's got the same kind of flow... Tell me what you think,

These voices that I'm hearing
This shit is real, I'm too awake to be dreaming
They're talking, saying that I'll never be
The masterpiece, the pride of the family
Trying to get me down
But I'm too high, I'm the king without a crown
Get up, stand up, take a hard look around
All that you're seeing, that's my ****ing kingdom now
She told me "you're throwing your life away"
But baby I'm happy, living to see another day
I wish you could share it with me
But you're a pretty princess, and I'm no ****ing prince, you see
She said "that's not all you can be"
But maybe this is what I want, this is what I need
All in all, we had a nice run together
But I was heavy then and now I'm like a ****ing feather
Baby I'm floating, like I never thought I could
Sometimes I miss you, but I don't really think I should
I'm sorry I did, but you know that I never would
Hurt you in purpose, I still think that we had it good
But now it's over, start looking for a new dude
Don't worry I'll be looking too

I'm looking for her
But they're all too fake and shallow
They're talking to me
They're words are too hard to swallow
Maybe they're good for something
I said it on the previous line
But sex don't mean nothing
And I don't even got the time
'Cause time is money
And I ain't gonna waste mine
You know it's funny
I used to think that I was fine
All I said, all I did, I was losing my mind
You made me cry, that should have been the last line
This song is over, mother****ing stop sign.
"Google Images is useless. I used it once to search for a photo of farm equipment and it showed me twenty thousand pictures of horse dicks."
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