Last night I bought some 11 gauge strings and I put them on my guitar (fender strat). I was told that when I went from 10 to 11 I might have to adjust the truss rod, which I haven't done yet. One thing that is concerning me is that my bridge is being pulled up a good 5/16 of an inch out of the strat body. I looked it up and I might need to put in another tremolo spring? Can someone please tell me what to do to fix this?
You should be able to open the back and tighten it back up, thus moving the bridge back into place
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Adjust the spring claw/add another spring. They're what you'll need to do to get the bridge down.
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You will need to adjust the springs to compensate for the increased tension. How many springs are in there now? If you have three, I'd suggest adding another one. Otherwise, just tighten the screws that hold the "claw" in the tremolo cavity.