so i'm looking for ideas on a new hooker, used is ok too.

a few things i need.

she must go down in some way.
must NOT have serious balls.
i prefer normally horny, but the ones that need turning on are ok too.
mustn't get offended if i go to other ho's, i'm a 3 hooker kind of person.
must not be too diseased, herpes is ok because i already have it.
her living space is less than 4 feet long, width isn't a problem though.
i'm 14" long, so she must be able to take it.
i'm also ok with old ones, but not too used up, young ones are preferable.

it won't be a daily fuck, just something to take out on the weekends etc.

budget, $80-100K. i'm in the US.

hookers i've had that didn't quite do the trick.
beth ditto
joan rivers
madeleine mccann - she wasn't really a hooker tho cause i didn't have to pay for her.

i can't wait to see what we come up with.