Ive uploaded a quick cover of the song Mad world (still a work in progress) to my account, and I was kinda wondering if any of you can give me some advice regarding vocals.
Ive had singing lessons for about 4 months now, and I've seen some major improvements, however, Id like for some fresh ears to hear my voice and give me there take on it.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Ive just noticed that the first couple of lines arent loud enough, it gets better after a few seconds though
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Your voice sounds ok but you lack pretty much any form of vibrato, so I would start with that.

You also seem to be struggling for breath at some places and you go out of tune a couple of time, the only place where it is a larger gap is when you sing the Mad world part, you should really have vibrato, especially here because it can sometimes disguise completely or at least diminish the mistake.
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I wouldn't try to work on vibrato just yet. If you sing correctly, it is something that just happens. Only then should you attempt to practice it to refine it further.
What Cowless said.

I find often when I hear stuff on TV (like american idol type stuff etc) or the radio you find someone who can't even sing just throwing vibrato all over the place. It actually sounds really BAD.

Vibrato isn't a crutch and it really doesn't sound good when the person using it doesn't even know how to sing in the first place. Learning to sing correctly is a better foundation, then you can work on adding "flair".

Just keep practicing by singing.
I say learn to pitch properly with a good tone and breath support before you even touch vibrato. At that point, you shouldn't even have to try, it just happens if you do everything right. It bothers me so much to see people agonizing over it and not their pitch or tone.