A few ideas I've created over the past year, some good, others not so good. None of these are available to use sadly, I will be making them into proper songs eventually... the good ones at least.

Not many of these are very long, alot of them 30 seconds. Some of them are full songs though, I'll note which ones.

Track list:

1. Orchestral Piece (Celtic Orchestral Sad Piece, Full-ish song)
2. Proper Rocking Tune (Hard Rock, Full song pretty much)
3. New Tune (Hmm, sort of a The Jam feel to this, Full song)
4. Tune (Rock, very nice bass in this one, Half a song)
5. llkhjhf (Indie rock type thing, random scribble name , idea)

More in next post, I'm very imaginative with my names as you can see
Orchestral Piece.gp5
Proper Rock Song.gp5
New tune.gp5
1. Orchestral Piece- That was great it all fit together nicely, and was very enjoyable to listen to.
2. Proper Rocking Tune- It was alright, but for the solo you should add another instrument or two in the background because it sounds bland without it.
3. New Tune- Pretty good, definitely has the Jam feel to it, and the bass is quite good as well.
4. Tune- The bass is nice, and a the guitar solo is really good as well, but the rest is a bit boring.
5. llkhjhf- This has a great feel to it, you should definitely finish this off, I'd look foward to hearing the finished product.

I'll listen to the others you posted later okay .