I don't know about the difference between the Peavey Vypyr 120W and 100W other than the watts and price. The guitar shops around me have either one without the other or neither so I've never been able to see a difference in sound first hand. Can someone help without being rude although this is a pretty noob question. lol
The price doesn't matter to me me. I want to know if the 120W is worth the price or if the 100W isn't much different and could save me money.
I think its just the Watt's, I know that the cheaper models may vary in what effects they have.
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The 120 is a tube, the 100 is not.

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Everything really.
Since the tube uses tubes it'll sound better at higher volumes mainly.
I suspect the difference will be negligible at quiet bedroom volumes since they both are modellers but the tube ones deffo sound better turned up
ask 311
the Tube versions (60 and 120) are far better imo. More lifelike distortion, better harmonics, chimey cleans, pick dynamics, etc. Less shrill. I bought a Vypry 60 for this reason. I have some rudimentary clips in profile if you are interested.

That said, you may be buying an amp based on the wrong reasons. Why the initial 100 vs 120? The 120 combo may be a bit unwieldy to carry. The 120 head will need a cab (not a bad thing). The 60 is pretty loud. The clips I made were pretty loud'ish.

oh and...

I was just asking because I found a 100w for cheap and was wondering if it's worth getting. $275 in great condition. I didn't know they weren't Tube, I thought all the Vypyrs were.
+1 to everything 311 said. I also have a Vypyr Tube (120H), as well as a Vypyr 75, and the tube is just awesome. I don't know if you can get a more awesome amp for the price. Seriously.
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