Is it possible to mis-wire a pickup? I bought a Duncan JB and one of my friends wired it into the bridge position of my guitar. It sounds very lifeless and quacky, and I can't get a good distorted tone out of it. I'm using it in a HSS Carvin strat into a Peavey Valveking, and I'm using a MXR Custom Badass distortion for my dirt. Maybe it's just not what I expected, but I don't understand why so many people adore this pickup if this is what it's actually supposed to sound like.
Did you follow the wiring diagram on www.seymourduncan.com ? You probably have it wired out of phase.
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the same thing happened when i wired up my d sonic. it sounded almost like a single coil. so i had to redo it and then it was awesome haha
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That's exactly how it's supposed to sound. Bad. You should've tried it before buying it.
(still, you should check the wiring!)
Whilst some people really don't like the JB, I don't think they use the word 'quacky' to describe it.
So definitely check the wiring
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You've possibly wired it out of phase/in parallel/with only one coil active.
The JB isn't really quacky, so its probably a wiring problem.

If you've checked the wiring and its fine, what volume pot are you using? 250k or 500k? A lot of people prefer the JB with a 250k volume pot rather than the usual 500k.
I'm led to believe that it's been wired out of phase. I'll check it out, post pics if I have to or something.