I just recently picked up two Epiphone Goth series guitars (Explorer and Flying V) and I am going to change pickups. Could someone recommend a good set of pickups for 80s metal (Great White, Slaughter, Poison, Ratt, Twisted Sister). Any help would be appreciated.
2 votes for the Screamin Demon huh? I have heard some pretty bad things about that pickup, such as it is more vintage voiced and doesn't really push the amp for 80s metal. Again this is hearsay, I have never played a guitar that had the Screamin Demon. I am very interested in the Super Distortion, as well as the SD JB and Distortion. Any other options? What would be a good neck PU with the Super Distortion? The PAF Pro?
What amp are you playing through? You don't necessarily need a super high output pickup to get a good distorted tone. If your amp has enough of its own gain, you might actually benefit from the additional clarity of a lower output pickup.

The Screamin' Demon isn't the hottest pickup around, but it's not exactly "vintage voiced" either. Also, keep in mind that the 80's were 30 years ago, and some people may consider that to be "vintage".
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I play through the quintessential 80s metal amp: the JCM 800. I just picked these guitars up on a whim (and cheap), so I want to turn them into my classic metal guitars. When I am at home practicing, I use just a PodXT. I agree that I don't need a super-hot pickup, but I also don't want anything that is too low output. I like to be able to pull of pinch harmonics easily, and I know this is a George Lynch specialty as well, so maybe I will have to check out the Screamin Demon after all. Thanks for the recommendation. What would you suggest for a neck with the Screamin Demon?
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and Dimarzio super distortion where pretty much the standard back then.
Not to say you shouldnt look at other options like BKP etc though
I have looked at BKP and the Cold Sweat seems like it might be a good option as well. Anybody used one that can confirm that would be a good fit for my style of music?
If you're interested in BKPs a good way to go is to give them an email with the type of guitar you have and the genre you want to play then they'll recommend a good pickup for your needs.

This usually works quite well from what i've heard.
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