Hey everyone,

This is a first for me, as I'm usually fairly adept tabbing by ear, but something I really need to learn is eluding me, and I come to you in hope of help.


This is a song by a band that I have seen live a few times, Solas, and every time I make a point of watching Seamus Egan's hands, to see just how he plays this song, especially one particular riff, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.

I know its in DADGAD, with a capo on fret 2, which puts the tonic centre to either E or B, and to be honest, it has a very modal feel (I think anyway), so boxing it into a key might be a bit backwards.

I hope someone gets back to me on this, because I love the song, and would definately be prepared to give a helping hand back, in figuring out a song, or lyrics.

All the best,