love the crunch from my jcm 900 2x12 combo but its a bit on the trebley side. just got the amp and wondering what would be a good valve/tube upgrade bearing in mind this amp has 5881s. im aware there is different 6l6/5881 valves out there. i currently use a weber mass 100 attenuator, keep the gain low (6/20) on channel B and have the master volume about 9/10 and it sounds nice and fat with the power tube breakup. bit trebley tho...would changing the capacitor also help? dont know much about that. any help appreciated.
You could try JJs, their tubes tend to be on the darker side.
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You could try taking it to a tech and getting EL43 installed... i did that once, and loved it!
what model jcm 900 do u have? i now have a MKIII high master volume and conectting the fx loops with 1 cable really helps bring some character to the amp! try it!
i have 4102 100 watt 2x12 dual reverb combo. what difference would upgrading the capacitor do? should i run it through a closed back 2x12 cab to get better low end? i like how its voiced except for the treblieness, would installing el34s not change the voicing?....so many questions.....
Stick JJ's everywhere. Even with JJ's it will still be a bit fizzy because most of the distortion (and most of the work) in the preamp is done with SS crap - unless it's an SL/X, then only the master volumes and FX loop is SS. Still, regardless of model - JJ everywhere.
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