Heres what i do.

1. I set the metronome to a slow to moderate speed (105bpm at the moment)

2. I pick a scale and a key that i want to play in. for example. A minor pentatonic

3. For the first minute and a half i only give myself two notes to work with, A and C on the low E. For 90 seconds i try to create the most exciting melodies possible using various techniques.

4. After 90 seconds i then add another note, The D on the A string. I then improvise for another 90 seconds and then add another note etc

5. Eventually you end up with a whole set of colours to use and you can even carry on and add more notes out of the box.

I was just wondering if anyone on here does anything similar and if this is a good way to practice improvisation skills.
Quote by MaddMann274
Thats cool, but work with a backing track.
^^ Run up a search for backing tracks on youtube, there are many cool ones. This one especially helped me a lot............


incredible backing track. Im gonna jam the sh#t out of that in the morning
You should be playing to a backing track, it's completely different than just playing by yourself.

I like that you are focusing on phrasing more than technical skill though, which imo is more important.