I'll cut right to the chase.

I'm part of an online metal band that requires a bassist. The bassist doesn't have to be to a phenomenally high calliber, just has to be experienced enough to be able to play fluidly.

We currently have Lead guitar, Rhythm, Keys, Vocals and drums.

As for material, we have enough musical score for an album but alas, we need a bassist to play the bass parts.

If you're interested just post in this thread or PM, w/e you prefer and then post/send a link of you playing on youtube, soundcloud whatever you are on. If you're not on anything that's cool, just be willing to play something over Skype or have the availability to send a sample of you playing. It can be anything at all, just aslong as you fell comfortable playing it.

As I mentioned before. We are pretty much finished making songs we are in the process of recording for demo's at the moment so don't miss the chance guys!!!
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Unfortunetly, we only have Guitar pro scores of songs and recorded drums sequences. I checked your page out it's pretty cool stuff. Would you be willing to play more challenging and far heavier music than what you are used to?

We are a group of dedicated guys in this band. Not ploying against your character by saying that, haha. Just mentioning that incase you might think this is a light hearted deal. We are basing most of our playing on power metal but we do have massive neo-classcial, funk and blues influences. Also, have pirate and folk metal influences too

We are influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen, Beethoven, Sonata Arctica, Alestorm and the like. Combine all that and that's what we're all about.
why you no like my MCR cover lol
I would love to play some metal/neo classical/blues!
I do like it your tone is sweet

Well the lead guitarist will send contact details and he'll give you a better run down of shit if you're interested!!