Hey everyone,

This is my first post here, which is odd because Ive been using this site for learning guitar for about 5 years now. So again, hello U-G community.

Im posting for the simple reason of asking you guys and girls with your experience where I could solve one problem, and that would be purchasing a vintage pickup for my 1966 Hagstrom III.

The guitar was passed down from my dad to me, Im the third owner of this beautiful instrument. It was originally bright white with the black pickguard. Its still white, but not bright unfortunately, time as done it. Dings and dents in all the normal places, I say it gives it character.

Upon receiving the guitar, my dad let me know that the wiring is faulty and has been since the 70's. Another problem is a missing bridge and pickup. I have no idea what happened to this pickup, but its gone. Along with that the two other pick ups are apparently no good as of now, and need to be recoiled.

After 3 weeks of research I have found a company to recoil my two pickups, and a website that is owned by the son or formally the son? of the founder of Hagstrom with oringal spare parts. They have the bridge for me at $85 dollars but have responded with having no pickups whatsoever for my guitar.

Im asking now if anyone knows of a replacement pickup that will the do the job, if not where to get a vintage pickup for the the guitar?

Also, any tips on guitar restoration?

Thanks again.
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