Metal is by far my favourite genre, however I do dislike some things about it.

Doom Metal
Bands that play open powerchords in Drop -Zb in every riff and thing they are br00tal
Lack of female muscians
The way other people who listen to "Normal" music hate Metal and call it "Screamo" or "Emo" or "Hard Rock"
Doom and Sludge Metal
Satanic Black Metal Bands
Christain Metalcore Bands
Hardcore trying to be cool like metal
Corspe Paint
Doom and Sludge Metal
Pointless Shredding
People who dislike Metalcore, but I do realise you can make any metalcore hit song riff in two seconds using Pedalpoints and drop tuning.
People who think they're elite and cool for dissing Metalcore bands and only listening to either original Judas Preist or Immortal and Mayhem bootlegged Black Metal
I don't mind metalcore lets get that straight I like more Tech Deathy progressive stuff, Power metal
Bands who steal other bands riffs
The "Big 4" of Thrash
Metal bands who sell out (Metallica)

Any of you guise got any pet peeves about the metal genre?
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These don't sound like very good ambitions when driving...Judas Priest makes people want to go 200 mph, and Realm of Chaos is now an album for ramming shit. You are dangerous, dangerous people.

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The fact that you listen to it.

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Acid probably makes you feel less like a hedonistic raver piece of trash, too.