For the third time, since I started playing the guitar, I have written a riff and then heard a band I like come out with a new song with the same exact riff. I had the riffs written for some time prior to the bands release of the song and then I hear the riff and I am like WTF. I wrote a riff a while back, it was the type of riff that evolved, then I hear the new Machine head song Locust and there is a part that is exactly like I wrote. I thought well this part is the same, but it won't change the way I change the riff, then what do you know it changed exactly the way I wrote it. It is nothing more than a coincidence, but I guess it is a sign I might be on the right track.
It happened with me and Behemoth... I think the riff was somewhere on the Apostasy album.

But metal riffs especially are like that. Just get on Youtube and look up "the most ripped off heavy metal riff"
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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It happens to everyone at some point, it's pretty inevitable. Just living with it is all you can do, regardless of how annoyng it is.
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i was in the womb playing this killer when i heard the same riff. turned out to be come as you are
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I wrote this killer sonata once but then Beethoven stole it from me.
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It happens, there are only so many frets on a guitar, and only somany combonations you can use. It then comes down to timing.
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it happened to me once...with a papa roach song...i started practicing and working on my song writing immediately haha
I Wrote the bass intro to Panic Attack before I heard the song. it the exact same timing, notes, etc down to a tee
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All the ****ing time. I think i wrote rag and bone by the white stripes. A few lamb of god songs too. It pains me. It really does.
I wrote a pretty cool riff once when I first started playing bass

Then the next year this little band called Jane's Addiction came out with the Nothing's Shocking album, featuring my riff in a little track called Mountain Song.
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i was in the womb playing this killer when i heard the same riff. turned out to be come as you are

Lol, funny you said that cause I had this great E Eb D kind of riff too and sounded just like Come As You Are
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I wrote a song in the summer of '09, it was my first song(and the only complete one I wrote by myself), and in...September, maybe, I found Exciter. Second song I listen to(Under Attack off their debut), the first riff is IDENTICAL to the first/chorus riff I wrote. And the verse riffs in my track were pretty similar to Metal Militia by Metallica, so I had to scrap the track. xD
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