So, yeah, as it says in the title I'm trying to clone an MXR Micro Amp, but I don't have the first idea about the parts for it. I've got a wiring diagram, but due to me being new to this sort of thing, I don't have the first idea about what the parts actually are and how I can get them...
I'm confident with soldering, and following the diagram I'm fine with, I know of the colour coding of capacitors and resistors, so I could probably just find a page on the interwebs to tell me what each one is.
Any help with where I can source all of the parts, preferably with the lowest cost (that's why I'm doing this, I'm 16 and I can't afford one), and any tips would be appreciated.

Oh, here's the diagram by the way


Thanks in advance
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Thanks very much for the quick reply, but I forgot to mention I need a United Kingdom source for these parts, sorry.
Try Maplin: Maplin
If you want to order from Germany, Banzai Music is good a good source.

I'm in the U.S. so I don't really know what is available there. I know a lot of people over there use these though.
Thankyou good sir, I've been looking through Maplin's website, I think it's got all the stuff, but it's not very friendly to people who don't know much about different parts, but all the same, I'll have a look at that Banzai place, I'm not bothered about ordering from within the EU, there's no tax for that.
So yes, thanks
Just decided to buy lucky bags of 1000 resistors from Ebay and hopefully I'll get what I need