I'm a 16 year old kid from Northern Ontario looking for people who are interested in starting a band that would do covers of just about anything from Rock - Metal and I am hoping if the members I choose go over well after a few covers we could try and write out own material somewhere from Prog metal to metalcore (nothing generic hopefully).

I am inbetween beginner and intermediate, closer to intermediate, I have recently started trying to learn more solos and lead material and it is working out pretty well for me as compared to my rhythm work which is now going pretty well due to my progression.

The reason I am looking for beginner to intermediate is because I don't want any power struggle and talent arguments going on.

Message me on here or add me on facebook (facebook.com/Canadianapple)
I'm interested. I have been playing guitar for about a year and a half, and due to playing in a band with a guitarist who's played for about 6 years, I think I'm a bit ahead of my game for the amount of time I've been playing. I play in a metalcore band, so I have some experience writing for the genre you want to eventually write for. I also know tons of partial pieces to a variety of covers already.

I also know how to drum, but don't have equipment, but I can program drum beats into drum machines, etc.

I also have Guitar Pro 5 for writing. I'll go add you on facebook as well.
I'm also a guitarist and am interested in this. Check my YouTube (link in sig) and have a look at some of the videos. If you're interested, message me.
Im a bassist and I'd be really interested in collaborating with you
Keep on rocking in the free world
im interested for online collaboration

check out my youtube, btw i play A TON of american metal and rock not just the japanese rock i post as covers on youtube lol
(youtube takes down ALOT of my american covers all the time....)
Yay for me being a girl guitarist

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