I found this guitar on craigslist. It's a project guitar, and it looks like all the hardware and electronics have been removed. All the seller said was "Vox 60s electric hollowbody with OHSC"

Anybody have any idea what model this is, or any information about it?

Here's the picture http://images.craigslist.org/3nb3p23l15Q55T15R6b86bfc3204d62e11ca2.jpg
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biggest regret of my life thus far (more so than some other teribble things..) is passing up a 1970 ventura hollowbody as a project guitar. it had soooo much character. just a beautiful instrument, in crappy shape. i say go look at it, and if it feels right, take it. if everythings out of it already, thats less for you to do. dont end up like me lol
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Yeah, that's definitely it. Not sure if it's a 64 or a 65 though, but I think that they're so similar that it doesn't really matter
Thats a Lynx for sure. I have one that my dad gave me - its his 1st proper gigging guitar. I used it on a track on our album, sounds sweet!