Yeah so i'm trying this without the cap on right now, No matter how i position the mic it sounds scooped. Mind you i'm using a dual rec on channel 3 modern setting with the bass on 2, mids/presence at 6.5/7 and the treble and gain on 5. Is it just the mic or am i doing something wrong, i've got the mic exactly 2.5 inches away from the grill (1960a cab). Any suggestions? I've got the thing cranked to 5.
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Your EQ settings is shit...

so helpful asshole, it sounds good like that with a my boost, i keep the bass low to compensate for the stupid amount of bass the mic picks up, ****ing troll
Haha, classic lockwolf
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Your Volume settings are shit.
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Put a TS9/OD808 in front of your amp to begin with, dual rec's sound awful without them. You should know that your EQ settings are laughable, try:
Bass: 6-7
Mids: 3-4
Treble: 6
and have the boost set to:
Drive: 9 o' clock
Tone: 12 o' clock
Level: 3 o' clock

With mic positioning, try to place the mic on the edge of the dustcap of the speaker with the mic close to/touching the grille. Also, you need to be careful not to overgain your amp, which I suspect may be a problem judging by your EQ settings

All of that should get you off to a good start, from then just tweak mic positioning and EQ until you get a sound you like.
If you asked a bunch of kids to draw a microphone chances are it would look like a Shure SM58 and that's because it probably is the most used and seen microphone in the world. It's a great workhorse mic that can pretty well be used to record anything fairly well and like most recording engineers, I have a couple in my mic box. It's a dynamic mic with a fairly low output and a deliberate presence peak in the upper mid range, they are fairly cheap and almost bullet proof and for live vocals they are pretty much standard. I recorded the fantastic Black Mfelosi 5 in Beverley Minster using the mighty Soundfield as the ambience mic but guess what each of the singers had a SM58 and when you mix it all together hey presto!

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Try to keep in mind, your amp settings(in studio) versus, your live settings, should be different.

Firstly, like everyone else has said, fix your EQ, that's probably the biggest problem.

You definitely don't need the gain cranked to 5 for starters. (in studio)
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so helpful asshole, it sounds good like that with a my boost, i keep the bass low to compensate for the stupid amount of bass the mic picks up, ****ing troll

Hmm, if I'm a troll, why am I not the only one to tell you your EQ setting is shit?
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How come the EQ settings of the amp are automatically deemed shit? Is there some wealth of information provided by the thread starter that I am missing out on regarding his entire signal path, etc?
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My guess as to why it sounds scooped is because you're using a 1960, which I assume has the stock G12T-75s in it, which are scooped sounding speakers, and your mic placement is bad.

Pull off the windscreen and put the mic right up against the grille, try placing it close to the edge of the center cap instead of towards the outer cone, on one of the bottom speakers. Once you get an acceptable tone that way, back off the mic an inch or two and you'll get a "bigger" sound, if needed, it may come out muddier this way though, so it's up to you what you want.
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Looking at this thread again I'm pretty baffled. Are three people trolling all at once or something? Someone says 'I sound too scooped' so you tell him to scoop his amp EQ? lol...
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I suspect the scooped sound is more to do with the mic position than his EQ on the amp.