I'm assembling a guitar from parts. It will have a humbucker in the bridge position, and a single coil at the neck. The pickups will be wired so only one will be on at a time.

I bought what sounded on paper like a great neck pickup, but when it arrived I found the pole spacing to be further apart than the neck pickup it will replace.

The pole spacing is closer to that of a Strat bridge pickup.

I've enclosed a pic, showing the difference in width between the neck pickup I'm replacing, and the new one.

My question.... will this difference matter to me? Do strings need to be directly above the poles, or is it really just being above the field created by the coil of wire that matters?

I'm no expert at all on this, so any insight you can give would be appreciated.

The guitar this is going into has a scale and distance between strings that is the same as a standard Stratocaster.

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The strings don't need to be perfictly over the poles but if they are to far off the pickup will not be as loud I think.
another thing to consider is the height of the strings above the pickups. The lower the pickup the less difference the pole spacing will have. In most cases its just negligible.
well to your thread title, bridge pickups are wound more than necks to compensate for less string vibration near the bridge, ergo in the neck position a bridge pup will be quite a bit louder. if you put a bridge pup as the bridge, and a bridge pup as the neck also, the neck position will be much louder than the bridge position. you could lower it to compensate
Thanks everyone.

xadioriderx, I should have been more specific. The pickup in question seemed to me to be bridge-SIZED. It was wound as a neck pickup (6.1k alnico 5 staggered bevelled magnets, with heavy formvar wire)(whatever that means... I'm new to this ).

I did get a fast response back from the maker last night, he said:

On strat pickups, they are normally all the same size width, the strings will not always be exactly over the magnets.
Some of the cheaper entry level guitars use different size pickups in the neck and bridge, but if you look up the dimensions of strat pickups by Seymour Duncan, Fender or others they will be the same. Tele has different widths for those, however. Let me know how it sounds.

Thank to everyone here for the input.
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^ That doesn't sound right. I thought F-Spaced pickups (wider at the bridge) were for guitars with Fender Trems and Floyds.
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