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I dont mean just in the workout sense, but anything such as vitamins and minerals.

Im taking protein and may start creatine, but also take my daily vitamin and omega 3 for healthys and glucosamine and calcium to keep my joints strong
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Multi-vites, soy protein, and creatine
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Unless you have an actual deficiency, and need to be taking a particular supplement, or just have a really poor diet, multivitamins are pretty much just a waste of money. I'd rather just eat right.
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Protein, Creatine, healthy diet (when I'm working out, I've been lazy this summer and havent worked out much so i havent been taking supplements)

but when school starts up i will start lifting again
I take a little low-cal whey powder to get some extra protein after the gym. Other than that, I just try to have a balanced diet.

I figure most vitamins and nutritional supplements are worthless to most people beyond making them pee neon yellow. Obviously old people and pregnant women should take them, but everyone should be getting what they need just by eating in a half-healthy fashion.

Anytime a supplement has the "this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA" disclaimer on the back, you can pretty much guarantee that it doesn't actually do anything.
Multivitamins, creatine monohydrate, fish oil, DMAA, the plethora of other ingredients in my pre-workout and post-workout shakes.
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I take a multivitamin (probably unnecessary) and some whey protein. I think the whey protein is fairly important as I'm putting in 35-40 miles of running per week and lifting four days a week. Compound that with not getting enough protein naturally via diet, and the situation wasn't good, especially on the weight lifting front. It's better now, so either my body adjusted something or the protein helped.
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Vitamins A,D,E and K, an additional vitamin D supplement+calcium and an additional vitamin K supplement. I'm also on those high-calorie/high protein shake supplements... All physician prescribed...

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The only thing I take consistently is St John's Wort for relief of nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety, I've taken it ever since I had depression, it helped a little but still forced me to sort my own shit out, as I didn't want a thing to do with anti-depressants.

I also occasionally take a multi vitamin, makes my eyes go super blue though for some reason. Usually they're a sort of slate blue, i take a multi-vitamin and they damn well glow in the dark.
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I make whey protein shakes every now and then, but I usually just get all my nutrients from food.
Multi-vit every once in a while. I like l-theanine; caffeine is worthless to me without it.
Daily, as far as vitamins go:

5000iu Vitamin D
Fish Oil

Also have my fair share of whey and creatine on training days (as well as non-training days). Occasionally I'll be on different random stacks, never really getting extreme to any degree though. Maca root and Fenugreek has been my most recent endeavor...bought powers for both and have been doing my own capping for them.
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I take a holistic homeopathic supplement.

Just kidding.
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I'm supposed to be taking an iron supplement thing for anemia, but fuck iron pills. They taste like how cat food smells. God forbid I drink soda afterwards or I burp cat breath for hours.

I'll drink my weight in caffeine on a daily basis and be especially counterproductive instead. Just because fuck iron pills.
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Multivitamin, Whey protein.

I have some Fish Oil and Vitamin B laying around somewhere, but I don't think they do much. Supposedly Omega-3 fats are healthy. But, I don't really get any fish in my diet in college like I do back home, so I might start the fish oils again.
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Vitamins B12 & D, plus multi-vitamin, whey protein, and creatine
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I take Centrum multi vitamins

Me too, apparently it helps with low blood pressure which I've had for a few months now.
Fish oil, Multi and Whey are the only ones people really need. Maybe some calcium and vit D might go well with it.
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I take Flinstone vitamins every now and then.
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Cod liver oil to stop my joints getting ruined by jitsu. If I had any gym access I'd be taking whey but I'm not lifting enough to need it at the moment.
No, I don't feel that it's worth it. I just try to eat foods that contain that stuff naturally. Eggs fish etc. I find dried soya beans have a tremendous amount of protein in them. Make a nice snack too.
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Cytogainer, Superpump250, generic multivitamin, hair/skin/nails vitamin, Glucosamine, Zinc, Ginkgo Biloba, Coq-10, assorted mushroom vitamins for immune system since I've been sick (got over it fast), and an occasional 3 serving Monster Energy drink.

I'll usually space all of that out during the day. Sometimes at night I'll take concentrated Kava and valerian root tea, but I stay away from Kava for the most part because I drink ~4-5 days a week (booze, not Kava).

Very rarely I'll go through a week cycle of Melatonin, but my dreams have been symbolic and intense and surprisinglly, commonly half lucid/full on lucid for the most part of a month in a half, so I don't really take that too much.

Almost forgot Omega 3-6-9 oil! We have this lemon flavored "zest" oil that is literally delicious, so I'll take a good amount in every day when I remember to.
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Unless you have an actual deficiency, and need to be taking a particular supplement, or just have a really poor diet, multivitamins are pretty much just a waste of money. I'd rather just eat right.

Ya but it's not a waste of very much money, the multi-vitamin I take cost me about 14 euros for a years supply

OT: I take multi-vitamin, whey protein and recently creatine.
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I'm taking Coleus Forskohlii, Glucosamine and Chondroitin and generally take a Loratadine for allergies every morning.
Why would you take vitamins? Unless you get sick, feel a bit weak or anything your body has enough of them already, all the extra's you've got, you'll just piss out...
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