This is a little ditty a friend and I wrote a while ago for shits. I just recorded and mixed it in my bedroom in about 3 hours. It's short, instrumental, kinda Cloudkickereqsue. Not much else to say other than 'Enjoy'!

C4C as always.


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This is very reminiscent of Cloudkicker. In the best way possible, of course.

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I like the guitar, but the drums sound far too distant, you need tighter drums for this particular style imo. It also lack a bit of low-end overall, it sounds way too trebbly for my tastes, especially the rhythm section. Besides that, I liked the general feel of the track, but it needs a bit of work imo.
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Like everyone has said, you do need to boost the bass frequencies a bit. But dont go overboard and turn this into a djent track! I like the melodic guitar and the dreamy soundscapish thing you'e got going on.

I hope this is just the beginning of a much longer song idea because what you have now was too short. There are so many directions you could take a song like this.

hope this helps
Woah, the start sounded to me a lot like Mars Volta...
Liked the overall melody that you created. It has a pretty good mood...

Nice tune man. How did you do those drums? they sound pretty good... The bass is ok in my opinion...

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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Thanks for the detailed crit, though i don't know what any of it means hehe.

I like this ditty stuff, it's not to bad. I think all you should do is make it an intro to song or something. The mixing and playing is good.