weird question, but has anyone ever had pains in thier bicep of thier fretting hand? I mean i workout alot and maybe the arm was just tired but this was a sharp pain that happend while i was playing and i only felt it again next time i picked up to play not when i used the arm in other normal situations, only when i play
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Maybe you got some technique wrong eh mate? I know that doesn't help but pain is usually caused by that sort of thing.
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when you play your fretting arm should be completely relaxed and your elbow should be down by your side, not jutting out, in case that was something you were doing. Maybe you have some sort of nerve problem or you're pinching a nerve when you hold your arm a certain way.

How tense are you when you play? tenseness might be a cause of this, but it is hard to judge what the problem is over a forum.

If the problem persists or becomes unbearable, I would see a doctor, but it might just be one of those fluke pains that go away eventually.

Hope it turns out to be nothing and that you are ok
Obviously after a workout, your muscles will be sore. Make sure your using the right technique and posture when you play and avoid any tension in your arm and wrist.