So I really like the very bright tone of acoustic used on most Modest Mouse songs and on the few Pixies songs I've heard. Here are a couple of examples:


Those videos have awful audio quality, but hopefully you guys could find a better one/have the song and know somewhat what I'm talking about.

This might help too:

what's your budget and do you have a size preference? some of the higher end taylors deliver a bright tone, and a guitar like the gc8 is bright with overtones and some low end, too. on a cheaper note, so does the all solid simon & patrick woodland pro parlor - it is almost all bright, very little bass, clear tone. the guild GAD-f20 and GAD-m20 are also bright, all solid and sound very nice.

btw, the guitar on that third video is far from bright - it's nice and dark, the way i like 'em.
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